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Polyethylene Caps | 96 Well Caps | Colored Caps

There are several types of Push Caps:

Push Caps for Shell Vials are convenient and easy to install. The negative tolerance of these plastic caps and resulting friction keeps these Push caps in place.

Blue Push Caps for 8mm & 11mm serum finish or snap top vials have a thinned penetration point for needle safety and minimizing missed injections. These caps are for single injection use as they do not reseal.

Clear Push Caps for 8mm crimp top vials have a re-sealable, fitted septa. If evaporation is concerning, crimp caps for 8mm vials may be recommended.

Plugs for 96 Well Plates are specific for single use, 700ul glass inserts in plates that seal each insert individually. Made from polyethylene.

The Selection "FILTER" buttons refine the Products displayed in the Ordering Chart. They are described below and listed alphabetically by FILTER.

  • 96 Well Plate Plug - Push Cap to seal 700ul glass inserts individually.

  • Cap Color: Blue, Natural

  • Push Caps: 8mm, Polyethylene

  • Septa: Non- Slit, Red Rubber/PTFE, White Silicone Rubber / Red PTFE

  • Solid Caps - Push Caps that do not have an open hole or septa. Single use.

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